HELA Novel Metals qualifying TdVib LLC NdPr

We are pleased to announce that TdVib LLC has begun to qualify its rare earth products
with HELA Novel Metals . TdVib LLC is a U.S. manufacturing company, located in
Iowa, that applies AMES National Lab’s technologies to recycle magnetic
materials and recover +99.5% NdPr or +99.5% Nd salts .

HELA Novel Metals is the only U.S. Corporation with an
innovative and low cost technology which converts dry NdPr or Nd salts into
pure metallic powder . This proprietary technology eliminates the need for
installing expensive high temperature furnaces with high maintenance costs and
losses of rare earth metals . In traditional metal making technologies , ingots
are produced . HELA produces 1-10 micron powders of rare earths (x15) , base
metals , NdPr, NdPrFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, AlSc, LaNi, REE-MnNiCo-Y, Ti64, FeNb,
FeDy, YCu, Co, Ni, B, Fe, Al, Nb, Ti, Ga and Cu under one roof . There is no
U.S. company or global corporation that can produce more than 27 individual
metal powders or mixed rare earth metal alloys under one roof .

It will cost more than $800 million to set up a RE
metal alloy production plant using “foreign technologies”. But , HELA novel
metals will set up exactly the same plant at $53 million . Low capitalization
is due to the fact that HELA Technology uses few reactors interchangeably to
produce metal powders which is not possible in molten furnaces. A molten
furnace cannot be cleaned in 24 hrs to run on 3 or 4 different metals without
cross contamination.

HELA’s proprietary metal-making technology is melt-less
and does not require secondary “sacrificial” metals to reduce rare earths in
molten state or even to pass electrical current for metal reduction. It’s a
revolutionary technology and a game-changer across the base metals and rare
earth industries. HELA can produce +99.9% pure Ni, Co, Ti, Nb , Cu or mixed
MnNiCo powders for EV battery metal alloys. Electrolytic processes or smelting
are not required . Contact us for details .

We produce NdFeB powder directly from dry metal salts
under $12 per kg of final product , the lowest process unit cost in industry
and probably will remain the lowest in the future . How so ? HELA’s technology
has bypassed rare earth metal ingot production, remelting of multiple ingots to
make alloys , strip casting , crushing and jet-milling . It takes 48 hrs to
produce NdFeB or NdPrFeB powder directly from mixed dry salts . By comparison ,
it takes several weeks to produce NdFeB powder required for sintering magnets
in traditional technologies. HELA worked with DOD / DLA to qualify individual
rare earth metal powders and NdFeB powder which has excellent compaction
properties .

Congratulations to TdVib LLC management for making a
wise and timely decision to supply NdPr metal salts to HELA Novel Metals in